By Phumzile Ndlovu

MATATA – Payment of TV licences is needed so that Eswatini culture and local talent can be promoted.

For the promotion of local talent and Eswatini culture, funds are needed, and it is only the Eswatini nation that can make this happen. This was said by Eswatini TV’s Senior Marketing Communications and Brand Officer (SMCBO) Nomcebo Malinga.

In a concerted effort to promote responsible television viewership, the Eswatini Television Authority (ESTVA) marketing and communication team, along with the TV licence unit, launched an awareness campaign in Matata.

The activation kicked off on Thursday and wrapped up on Friday, 28 June, while the door-to-door campaign began 10 days ago in Big Bend.

Speaking to this publication about the TV licence payment, Malinga elaborated on the importance of TV licence compliance and its impact on sustaining local broadcasting. She said, “A TV licence is more than just a legal requirement; it’s a vital contribution to the ecosystem of Eswatini’s broadcasting industry.“

According to Malinga, the reasons why people should pay the TV licence are because:

Quality Content: By paying their TV licence fees, viewers directly support the creation and delivery of high-quality content.

From news and entertainment to educational programmes, ESTVA relies on these funds to continue producing engaging shows.

Local Broadcasting: ESTVA plays a crucial role in promoting Eswatini’s culture, heritage, and local talent.

TV licences ensure that this valuable service remains accessible to all citizens.

When asked how one goes about obtaining a TV licence, she said, “Obtaining a TV licence is straightforward. The TV licence fee is E15 per month, totalling E180 annually for each TV set or similar device.

Additional note: There is a payment of E50 per device per year for devices capable of receiving television signals. There are various payment methods,” said Malinga.

ESTVA’s commitment to quality broadcasting relies on viewers’ active participation through TV licences. According to Malinga, supporting local content will ensure that Eswatini continues to enjoy diverse and engaging television programming. Remember, your TV licence matters!