The Eswatini Television Authority (ESTVA)

Our Value Statements


We are committed to upholding internationally acceptable attributes of ethics, fairness and strong moral principles.


We will express the highest level of competence and exhibit unparalleled commitment to our work.


We are committed to continuously observe honesty and limit ambiguity.

Team Work

We shall execute our responsibilities collectively promoting communication, coordination and synchronicity.


We shall continuously strive to apply all and develop new technological advancements to improve our client’s television experience.


We will fully apply our collective intelligence, talents and experiences to produce the best quality product in all duties.


The Eswatini Television Authority (ESTVA) is a broadcaster established in 1983 through an act of parliament. Before it was established by the Act of parliament, it was known as the Eswatini Television Broadcasting Corporation (ESTBC). ESTBC was officially opened by His Majesty King Sobhuza II in February 1978. This was the coming of television in Swaziland. The government of the Kingdom of Eswatini took over the then privately owned company belonging to an electronic group of companies based in the United Kingdom. The company had a monopoly in all television gadgets or equipment, as a result, they were also operating a television rental operating under Vision Hire. With the change of the television station from ESTBC to ESTVA, Vision Hire also changed to the Swaziland Television Authority Rentals (STAR).

The establishment of the authority through the act of parliament changed the television station into a public broadcaster.

Our Vision

To be the Leading, Preferred and Sustainable Public Broadcaster in the region.

Our Mission

By providing viewers with compelling and relevant content that informs, educates and entertains through the use of innovative technology.

Board Members

Mr. Mlamuli Dlamini

Chief Executive Officer