Eswatini TV - Educational

Emaphoyisa Nesive - Tuesday at 6:30 PM

In the past the Royal Eswatini Police Service was regarded as enemies of the people such that many used to run away, shun and or disassociate themselves with all efforts of trying to curb crime in the country by the police. This was caused by unknowing of the people on the core existence of the police. Guided and motivated by common desire to see peace and tranquility prevailing and the entire Swati nation being well informed about the multi facets of police work in the country the Royal Eswatini Police Service started a television program entitled, Emaphoyisa nesive.

Buhle Betfu - Saturday at 7:30 PM

Eswatini’s number one travel and lifestyle magazine show. A platform for all things Swati! Entertainment, lifestyle and travel, Buhle Betfu gives you Swaziland’s Royal experience. We feature Eswatini’s science sights, sounds and taster. We showcase the beauty of the kingdom, its heritage, culture and traditions that make Eswatini unique. The show’s emphasis is on attracting tourists, local and international, keen on finding the treasure hidden in all the comfort, adventure and luxuries that Eswatini offers. Keep up with the trends, find your traveling feet and explore the beautiful kingdom of Eswatini.

Etiko - Friday at 7:30 PM

Join the host as she takes us through various Eswati dishes and other delicious courses in her kitchen, both the old and new preparation methods and each dishes health benefits.The host will serve up easy to prepare, rustic and crowd-pleasing recipes proving you don’t have to buy expensive recipes to enjoy a test of good healthy food.

Eswatini Lifestyle - Friday at 6:30 PM

Eswatini Lifestyle is a Magazine Show that seeks to explore what people are passionate about, what the latest trends are and what drives us to succeed. We find inspiration for life, business and the arts in the kingdom.